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Irish Soft Drinks Limited ("ISD") is a long established business engaged in the manufacture of both branded and generic soft drinks, principally cordials and orange squash. The company's leading branded products are the "Sanor" range of cordials and Gold Crush orange squash which are sold to the licensed trade and supermarket multiples respectively. In addition, the company also manufactures a range of generic brands for the supermarket multiples and other OEM partners.

Irish Soft Drinks Limited was originally a family owned business before it was acquired by Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (Dublin) Ltd. in 1985 who then distributed ISD's products, alongside its own products of "Coca Cola" and "7UP", throughout the country.

In 1989/90 Coca-Cola decided to dispose of its interest in ISD because of its size and also as it was no longer considered to be part of its core business. The company was purchased by its present owners in August 1990 and has undergone major changes in production, brands and quality.

The company continues to strive and is renowned throughout the industry for its quality, service and leading brands. Today these brands can be found on many shelves, homes and pubs throughout the country.