Production Line
Production Line

Production Line
Production Line

How It's Made

Water, Water, Everywhere

Soft drink beverages or minerals as they are commonly known in Ireland are mostly water. So the quality of the water going into your favourite soft drink is very important. A series of filtration systems in our plant produces the highest quality water that is fresh, clean and clear.

The Flavor Secret

Here's where the magic happens. Secret recipes, flavourings and other magical ingredients are added and blended together to give each soft drink its unique taste. By combining sweeteners, herbs, berries, and many other ingredients, a syrup base is created which is added to the pure water.

Fill 'er Up

Now we're ready to put the great tasting, juice into a container. It is transferred under pressure to a filling machine. The filling machine squirts just the right amount into squeaky clean containers which are immediately sealed for freshness.

Name It and Send It Packing

After the juice is sealed itís time to name it. Each bottle is labelled and coded. The finished product is then placed in cartons or trays, bundled into large pallets, and whisked away to you.


- Fully Recognised

- Speed of 4000 per hour

- Private Label OEM